The Pregnancy Books

By Holly - 10/21/2007 04:04:00 PM

After reading my pregnancy books, I've realized that I'm going to turn into a crazy pregnant woman, who get upset over the smallest, most minute issues, including loosing a pregnancy book. Yesterday I was obsessing over finding the other pregnancy book. I tore the house apart looking for this book. Lucky for me after a half an hour, Ryan decided to help, and within minutes it was found. Morning sickness is starting to set in, I won't bore you all with the details, but its not fun. However it seems Cheetos and pasta ease both morning sickness and heartburn, while waffles seems to make it worse. Who would have thought?!? I've found some new names, although we still like Cadence (boy) and Zoe (girl), the more I look at names the more I change my mind. My new favorite names are Noah (boy) and Ruby (girl). I would love to hear some opinions and suggestions, so leave a comment if you have any. Have a great weekend! Love, Holly

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