Pregnancy Woes

By Holly - 4/24/2008 01:01:00 PM

Why does it seem like I'm always the last one. When all my cousins and friends were pregnant, I kepy saying, " Everyone is pregnant except me." Well at the time that was true. Then I got pregnant, and almost everyone I know, has had their babies. I know I only have a few weeks left, but I'm so ready to get rid of all these awful pregnancy side effects and have my sweet baby girl. I've been getting so many colorful comments at work and church, I'm about ready to loose it on someone. I constantly get asked if I'm having twins. (Ok I know I have a belly, but I'm not Shamu, although I do feel like it when I try to roll over in bed.) People at work keep telling me how huge I am (emphasis on the huge part, with wide eyes and open mouth when they say it) Not to mention, my boss asks me almost every other day, "Are you feeling ok, you don't look so good?" People just aren't very considerate when it comes to pregnant women. So today, I challenge you all, the next time you see a pregnant woman, say something kind. Compliment her on something other than the fact that she is an oven, I promise it will make her day. Story: I was at Staples with Ryan several weeks ago, pickup up labels and the clerk asked me the usual questions," when are you due? Is it a girl or a boy?" etc. And then right before we left, she goes," You don't look that far along, I think you look great." (or something to that effect) I couldn't stop smiling all night! So moral of the story, be kind tothe pregnant women, they are carrying the future, literally. (Ok I'm off of my soapbox) In other news: I started on Zoe's baby book. Only 2 pages done so far, but I'm pretty happy with it. It's fun getting to write down all sorts of fun information for her to read when she gets older. I don't know if I'm making it more for her or for me. (Probably for me) Yesterday as I was getting ready to leave for work, I got really dizzy and lightheaded. I ended up lying down and calling the Dr. He said to stay off me feet for the day and don't drive. So I stayed home from work yesterday, lying down as much a possible. What a boring way to spend a day. I'm so glad I haven't been put on bedrest, I think I would go insane! Last Sunday, we went to the Humbert's for dinner and dessert. Nobody had actually made dessert, so Ryan and I made Blueberry Buckle. I had never had this dessert before but talk about YUMMY! It was like coffee cake with warm blueberry sauce on top with cinnamon crunchies. So good. I need to get Julie's recipe, but I'm sure you could google it and get a pretty good version. Needless to say, this one is going in the recipe box. Last weekend Ryan cleaned all the carpets and we moved all the furniture around. We love it now! There is so much more open space. (and now Campbell has no where to hide when she grabs something she shouldn't, she just gets backed into the corner) I'm so glad Ryan was able to clean them before the baby gets here. (Thanks Dan for letting him borrow the truck and stuff!) Ryan is nearing the end of the semester, so he's been spending hours on the computer typing and doing research for projects and papers. I'm excited for him to get a little break from school and before the baby is born. Well that's all for now. But if you need a good laugh, check out my sister Natalie's blog (link on the right) and read her post about Disney promoting identity crisis in children, she is quite the entertainer. (She is leaving for Italy in a little over a week :-( XOXO, Holly & Co.

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