Sleeping like a baby

By Holly - 7/12/2008 04:28:00 PM

Ryan and I have joked about this term because it is meant to imply sleeping well. However, if you have ever had a baby, you will probably agree, they are not quiet or good sleepers. They snort, coo, sneeze and wake up about every 3 hours. Some nights, we are lucky and Zoe will sleep about 6 hours. But even on those nights, we get up to check on her and make sure she is okay. Last night, she blew us both away and slept for 8 hours straight! Tonight will be the real test, to see if this is going to be a pattern, but either way last night was like a small light at the end of the tunnel, letting us getting up twice a night, won't last forever. In other news, my unborn nephew, Noah is being stubborn. Please send labor vibes to Jenni. Ryan started summer school this week. He's taking a philosophy class. It's a lot of reading, so he's been quite occupied with that this week. My good friend Jamie and I went out for a girls night last night and found a great Chinese food restaurant in Rocklin. So yummy, it's a been a long time since I had Chinese food that wasn't Panda Express. Also during our evening, we discovered a great new home store, West Elm. It's like Ikea, but more upscale. This is one of my favorite things that I found there. Ryan and I renewed our gym memberships today. They gave me 2 free personal training sessions for free too! Hopefully by Christmas I'll be back into my "skinny" jeans. I'm hoping to get some good pictures of Zoe this next week. I want to take some outside, but it's been too smoky. Hopefully the weather this next week will be better. XOXO, Holly & Co.

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