Calling all thrifty blog readers

By Holly - 1/05/2009 02:30:00 PM

I am on the enrichment commitee at church and I am teaching a class next week on being frugal and stretching your dollar. I have a lot of great information already, thanks to several different resources, but I think frugal tips is something you can never have enough of. If you would be so kind, to add your favorite frugal tips in a comment, I would love to add to my collection and share them with my ward. I was going to post all of mine, but a lot of people that read this blog, also live here, and I want it to be a surprise :) So add your tips, please please. And if you are coming to my class on the 13th, you are more than welcome to bring friends and family members, there will be treats. PS. if you know you are bringing people, will you let me know so I can make enough treats!

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