Why I Scrap

By Holly - 2/24/2009 10:16:00 AM

Hello all, please pardon this interruption from regular Zoe blogs, but since I use this blog as my "journal" I wanted to make sure I documented some things I have been thinking lately. So read if you like, if not, you can wait until the next blog post for more Zoe info and pics :) Recently, I have not been scrapping a lot. I'm too busy or too tired or just not feeling creative. However, my visiting teacher came over last week and she ended up looking through a couple of my scrapbooks. After she left, I was thinking about all my scrapbooks and how important they are to me. Each of my scrapbooks generally seems to document a specific chunk of my life. My first one is pre-high school, everything from my baptism, to my first stake dance. My pages are very harsh. No design what-so-ever and a mish-mosh of stickers and ribbon and tape. (Yes I used masking tape on some of my photos...so wrong)My next couple are of high school, and the next are college, and wedding and now baby...but each one of those books, the styles change, just like I changed. I never made that connection before last week. Scrapbooking has a deeper meaning that pretty paper and tools, who would have thought :) I scrap to have my story, my family's story written down. I scrap to journal. I scrap for creative outlet. I scrap for fun. I scrap because I like pretty things. For those of you who don't scrap and want to get started or those of you that do scrap and want some good resources, here is a list of websites I use for inspiration or shopping! The Scrap Review A beautiful mess Peachy Cheap Emile Ahern's Blog Scrapbook.Com Stephanie Howell's Blog Ok, now back to regularly scheduled Baby Zoe blogging. XOXO, Holly

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