Swimming in Flowers

By Holly - 9/10/2009 08:56:00 PM

This evening when Z & I got home, she wanted to play with my scrapbooking stuff. She reached for the rotary cutter, but we settled on the jar of flowers instead :)
She had fun spilling them all over the floor and then decided to lay in them. I snapped a picture, it was too cute to pass up.

Last night I took on a project to turn an old dress into a button down shirt. It actually turned out and I wore it today! I should have taken pictures, but I didn't.

I'm in the process of changing my e-mail address to a more grown up one. It's changing to holly.humbert@gmail.com. Update your address books. I'll be forwarding from the brwneyes account until I get all my online stuff changed over (so like 2 or 3 weeks).

This weekend we are having a RS pancakes and pjs activity. Pancakes always remind me of my best friend in high school who worked at IHOP for a short time and always smelled like syrup. :)

MY new fall show addiction is GLEE. It totally makes me wish I could sing and dance. Zoe likes the dance numbers, she wiggles from side to side while they dance. We've been watching the pilot episode all summer on Hulu. Just love the awkwardness, it's heartwarming.

Holly & Co.

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