Bye Bye Binky

By Holly - 11/03/2009 07:40:00 AM

I am so excited this morning!!!
As Zoe has been getting her last couple of teeth, her dependence on her binky has become worse and so had her attitude. So we've been trying to get rid of the binky to hopefully cure that. Slowly and slowly we've been trying to hide it more. I even cut one up on front of her and said "broken" That worked for a little while. Well, yesterday she went ALL day without it at daycare. Then when we came home, she didn't even ask for it....Then bedtime came.....

And she didn't ask for it! I got nervous, but I laid her down in bed and read her a story and sang her a song, preparing for a meltdown when I shut the down. But it didn't come. Sure, a little crying but not the monsoon that I was expecting.

She woke up a few times in the next couple hours, so I went in, laid her back down, sang her songs and put her back to bed. I was anticipating this would go on all night.....not so.

After 9pm, she slept ALL night without her BINKY!!!! I am so happy that I not only got a full night's sleep, but that so did she. I'm thinking it might take a few nights of the ups and downs for the first few hours but now I am fully confident that she doesn't need her binky.

I'm going to take a couple pictures for her scrapbook and then throw all the binkies away.

Holly & Co.

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