Randomness on a Tuesday

By Holly - 8/24/2010 07:21:00 PM

 Nona made Zoe this cute skirt with bloomers and she insisted on me taking a picture this morning.
 Isn't her smile so cute? :)
 yeah that's the best one out of five.

I was finally able to use these pictures on a page. I tried months ago and I hate the way the page turned out.
This is from our first double date with the Stauffer's in January.
 I scanned the original and resized it in Photoshop.
 I used my white gel pen to simulate stitching 
because I was too lazy to get out the sewing machine.

Zoe and I made sock monsters when we got home. 
I'm thinking I need to invest in more googley eyes, 4 was just not enough. 

I'd like to send a big congrats out to one of my best friends, Heather, who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy yesterday and looked gorgeous for her after photos. I wish I looked that good in mine. Congrats Heather & Danny.

The randomness of this post is due to the 104 degree weather we're experiencing today...
sigh...I can't wait for fall.

Holly & Co.

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