Fun- Filled Thursday, with a side of hilarious!

By Holly - 5/06/2011 02:00:00 PM

This post will be epically long, but worth it! I promise.

My sister, Jenni and her family came into town late Wednesday night. Zoe was so excited to play with cousins!

Side note, we have begun hardcore potty training. 
So we're all waking up, saying hello, getting breakfast, etc. Zoe comes running in and says, "I need to go potty," turns out, she's had an accident on the floor, but I don't know this yet and run to get her into the bathroom quickly. Yeah, I slipped in the puddle and took her down with me. 
Zoe 1, Mom 0 + a severely bruised knee. 

After the incident and some showers, we headed out to Thanksgiving Point - Farm Country. We went a few weeks ago but Mom and Jenni hadn't been.

We went on more pony rides, Zoe's horse's name was Chief, she called him Cheap.
She's becoming a pro at the pony riding thing.

Noah got to go on his first pony ride ever!

They spent a majority of our trip, arguing over who got to hold the bag of popcorn.

After we left Farm Country, we had some lunch a Chick-fil-a then naps for everyone!

That night, we went down to Riverwoods at Provo to check out Blickenstaff's Candy and Toy Store.
It did not disappoint!

Another funny side note story - We parked outside Victoria's Secret and
 Zoe asked, "What store is that?"
Me: " That's the lingerie store...pause....that's the pretty panty store."
Zoe: " I want to go to the pretty panty store."
Noah: (without missing a beat) " I want to go to the pretty panty store too!"

Now onto the pictures of the store...

The decor was mostly made out of candy, such a fun place.

These are the toys Zoe picked out to show me.

and my favorite, the rubber band gun, with a scope.

They also had a dress up closet with tons of fun glasses.

And baby Eliza was having fun too...

and last but not least, there was a photobooth in the store, and we just HAD to go in.

It's been so fun to have us all back together again. 
We haven't been all together since Christmas.

We stayed until almost closing and enjoyed the warm fires among the walkways back to the car.

Last funny story - All the kids were pretty tired and cranky, so we put on some music to keep them calm.
We were listening to Allison Krauss sing, "When you say nothing at all," and just as the song is coming to a close the last line is...when you say nothing at all.....(all quiet and slow) Zoe lets out a huge belch!
Perfect Timing.

I'm sure this weekend will bring many more fun stories and pictures and I can't wait to share.

Holly & Co.

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