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By Holly - 3/11/2012 11:28:00 AM

This is one of my new favorite pictures - Ryan is laughing because I told him I wanted to take a picture of him looking natural. This is the result - and it's perfect.

We've been gone for 3.5 days now and boy, do I miss this guy. It's amazing that we survived 9 months apart while dating and engaged, really I'm not sure how I survived. (It was probably because I spent a LOT of time at the gym and spent several hours hanging out with Derek and Aaron watching Scrubs and drinking Capri Suns. ) But still, these weekends away sometimes feel harder then that entire 9 months.

I am lucky that when I come home - the house will probably be spotless, he will have done all the laundry and organized several cabinets. I am so lucky to have a guy that isn't afraid to clean :)

This semester has been much more work heavy than the last, meaning we see him less and less. I'm anxiously awaiting the end of the semester when we get to go on a mini vacay and spend some one on one time.

It amazes me how much I can miss Ryan, even when he is at home with me - just busy. I miss the lazy evenings on the couch and eating ice cream together. I miss Saturday lunches and afternoons falling asleep on the couch. I know those things aren't gone forever, but just on hold for now.

Praying for the next 4 weeks to fly on by....

Holly & Co.

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