Get Outdoors Day

By Holly - 6/09/2012 09:17:00 PM

Today is National Get Outdoors Day, meaning all National and State parks are fee free. Originally, we had planned a trip up to Yellowstone, but we decided to stay a bit closer to home given the weather forecast.

Last week, Ryan and Zoe had taken a trip past Ashton, Idaho into Targhee National Park, and we decided to revisit that area and poke around some.

Who knew that Idaho was so beautiful.
Rexburg, is nice enough, but definitely not nature's most beautiful creation. But drive 20-50 miles and you are in a breathtaking place.

Mesa Falls, Idaho
Along with the trails around the falls, they also had a small visitor's center full of fun things for kids to look at. Skulls of animals, pelts, books, pictures, maps - it was quite amazing.

Lots of beautiful butterflies.

Did you know Smokey Bear was actually a real bear? 
That was news to me. 
This cute little comic book tells his whole story, along with some fun vintage pictures.

After spending several hours in the park, we trekked back down to Ashton, and stopped at Five 11 Main - a cute old fashioned soda fountain, with amazing food and desserts.

We enjoyed the Bear Gulch pizza ( chicken pesto) and the S'mores sundae - both were delicious.
We will definitely go back.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday.

Holly & Co.

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