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By Holly - 8/02/2012 09:08:00 PM

I thought I would share some things I'm loving lately. We've been spending a lot of time outside and in front of the fan (no A/C) so not as much crafting is going on this week. Although, I hope to change that over the weekend.

#1 - My new favorite Zoe Picture

I took her out to ride her scooter the other day, while I photographed some layouts, and ended up catching her right as she was riding by me. She is such a ham (probably because I usually have the camera in her face)

#2 - Smashbox Shades of Fame eye palette

I just got this today and already I am in love. Smashbox was one of the first premier cosmetics brands I purchased from and I just adore their products. Such a great mix of shadows and liners.

I purchased this dress on sale, along with some t-shirts. I adore it. Super comfortable and nice fabric weight. Another reason to love them, FREE shipping both ways on every order! The package ships for free and has a return label inside in case something doesn't fit.

I wrote about this on my other blog, but I've been doing this 3 times a week for almost 2 weeks and I'm loving it. It's a workout I actually look forward to doing. This afternoon, Zoe came with me to the track and ran around while I did this workout.

#5 - Psych

Ever since I had Zoe, I have a hard time watching mystery/crime shows. Not because I don't enjoy the suspense and story lines, but I have a hard time internalizing all the bad things in the world. Netflix suggested Psych on my homepage, so I turned it on. It's the perfect mix of comedy and crime show. I love it!

I hope you're having a great summer and enjoying the sun!

Holly & Co.

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