My Favorite Things : Face Edition

By Holly - 4/07/2013 07:09:00 PM

I've always had decent skin, but the last year or so, I'm guessing because of the hormone changes, my skin has revolted. I did some research and got some free samples and I finally found a routine that works for me and I just wanted to share. I've also got my everyday make-up picks below too.

Cleanser: Yes to Cucumbers facial towelettes

I use these in the morning after a shower and at night before bed. Not harsh at all and remove waterproof eye make-up. I love the light cucumber scent.

Feels like silk going on. Absorbs quickly and not greasy at all!

Now this is my secret weapon. I apply it with a clean Q-tip around and on the blemish, let it dry. It dries pink ( like calamine lotion) and has a slightly funny smell (it's made of sulfur) but when you wake up, the blemish will be almost, if not totally gone. This works on cystic acne too. 

This comes in 2 strengths, regular and extra strength. It's a two part treatment, you apply the first pad with treatment, wait for two minutes, and apply the second pack. It stings a bit the first few times, but goes away within a couple minutes and doesn't leave any redness. I used the regular strength 5 days in a row and then the extra strength 3 days in a row, and my skin was completely transformed.  This product is pricey, so I only use it 2-3 times a week now, but it makes me feel like I can go out without make-up, which I NEVER do.

Now for make-up.... I love make-up, I love trying new make-up and experimenting. I've got a lot more that I love than what I'm listing here, but these are my everyday staples.

This primer has a wonderful finish to it and makes your face look better, just using this alone. It's a bit pricey as well, but if you are conservative, you can make it last several months.

I actually tried this on a whim, while killing time in the airport on the way to my sister's house. It's a cream to powder finish and it goes on so smooth. I set it with a little powder, but it doesn't really need a lot. 

This blush is a weird texture, somewhere between a cream and cream to powder, I put it on after my foundation, and I've loved how natural it looks. I really need to try the other colors.

I actually got this as a sample size and it's still going strong. This is my favorite bronzer for two reasons, 1. It is NOT shiny. I don't like when I apply bronzer and I look bathed in shimmer. 2. This is a lighter colored bronzer. I am fair skinned and even with a tan, I'm still not that dark. Most other bronzers I've tried are too dark for me. This is buildable and you can add more color if you want, but one application is the perfect color for me.

I actually found this when I was shopping with my mom for some eye make-up for her. She wanted something pretty, but not too shimmery. This has 3 matte and 3 shimmer shadows, great for everyday. I usually use the middle two (top and bottom) all over with the left two for a crease. I use the matte brown as a quick liner. The mini brush is also nice, with a shadow brush on one side and liner on the other. Great for taking on a trip, it's all inclusive.

Straight forward and simple - Volume without clump. :)

Soft pink, matte. I like it better than a straight forward nude, but it look very natural. If you want something with a little more pop, you can add some lip gloss over it. Ryan doesn't like kissing me with lip gloss on and it's really windy in Rexburg, so I don't wear gloss too often.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of my favorite things!

Holly & Co.

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