How to Cut Fabric with Silhouette

By Holly - 10/02/2013 06:00:00 AM

I'm always a little hesitant to try new materials in my Silhouette. So far all of the various materials have worked out, but fabric was one I'd heard bad stories about.

I've seen the Silhouette brand interfacing and heat transfers, but I wanted to make a no sew project and Heat N' Bond has adhesive on both sides. You can get Heat n' Bond at Joann's or other crafts stores, or here online.

Before you start: 
1. Press your fabric with starch, so it's already flat and you don't risk creases.
2. Using a new/sharp Silhouette blade will make your cuts clean and crisp on the edges
3. I have tried this method several times with quilting weight cotton and it has worked beautifully. If you are using a thicker fabric, it may not work as well or at all.

1. Cut 1 piece 8.5" x 11" inches, from fabric and Heat n' Bond (HNB).
2. Iron HNB to the backside of the fabric. Allow to cool for a few minutes.
3. Place fabric printed side up onto Silhouette mat. Optional: Tape down the edges for extra security.
4. Load into Silhouette machine and cut. (My Silhouette settings: blade: 3, speed: 5, thickness: 33, double cut)
5. Unload mat and peel off fabric shapes from paper backing.
6. Place shapes, fabric side up, onto the canvas bag.
7. Iron shapes. Allow to cool. Check edges for any peeling, repeat ironing if needed.

For items that will get extra wear and tear, I suggest stitching around the edge with a sewing machine or needle and thread to ensure the item will stay without fraying/peeling.

Stay tuned in the next few days, I've got some awesome projects using this method.

Holly & Co.

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