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By Holly - 1/02/2014 08:46:00 AM

In 2011 and 2012, I attempted a weekly project life. I managed to get about 12 weeks each year, but that was it. The weekly format for me was just too much. I felt guilty, got behind, and it wasn't really turning into something I wanted to do.

For 2013, I still wanted to capture the smaller every day moments, so I moved to a monthly format. While that worked much better than previous years, I still struggled when I got behind, mostly due to lack of planning and busyness.

Things I really like about the monthly format.

  • Monthly reviews. After each month I typed up an overview of where we went, big events, small events, anything I wanted to remember. I've really liked being able to read these months later.
  •  Memorabilia. I added an 8.5x11 page protector for each month to hold drawings, cards, e-mails, etc. and it's nice to have a place to hold all those. I'm thinking the giant envelope page protectors would also work well.
  •  Less space to fill. With only one spread to fill per month, it's pretty easy to get it filled up quickly.

Things to improve for 2014.
  • Get a good camera phone. Currently I don't have a phone with a good camera, which makes taking on-the-go pictures a lot harder. I scored a great deal on a new phone and it should be here soon. Really looking forward to having a camera with me at all times.
  • Print pictures often.On the 1st of each month, spend 1 hour printing pictures. That is always the hardest part.
  • Take notes. E-mail myself notes throughout the month. I'm pretty good at writing down sweet things that Ryan said, or funny things that Zoe did throughout the month, but I could do better.
  • Simple. Sometimes I try too hard in my spreads to add the perfect embellies, etc. I think I'm going to work more on plain and simple this year.
I'm looking forward to adding a few more vacations and trips to 2014.With my OLW being Adventure, I'm planning on doing just that. I'm already making plans to visit the Grand Canyon and several fun places in Texas

I'm also looking forward to designing more cards for this year. You can see all my free downloads here. If there are any phrases or types of cards you'd like to see going forward, let me know, I'm happy to take suggestions.

Holly & Co.

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