Summer is Calling

By Holly - 6/08/2015 07:27:00 PM

May was full of rain, but June hit, and it was hello, Summer!

I, like the rest of the internet, have been loving peonies, and have been making weekly visits to Trader Joe's to keep fresh ones on my table.

Ryan and I celebrated 8 years of marriage last week and enjoyed a delicious BBQ dinner. We were so hungry, I didn't even get to take a picture. But, I assure you it looked and tasted delicious.

Zoe turned 7 on her last day of school and we enjoyed steak ka-bobs for dinner at her request. She was itching all day to open her presents, but I made her wait until her daddy got home.

Zoe loves to learn. She has several workbooks and online programs to do during the summer to keep her mind at work. Many of her birthday presents were educational and she's spent the last week working on her "homework" as she lovingly calls it.

We started swimming lessons today. She loves the pool but she needed some more skills to be independent in the water. Hoping that the next two weeks will have her swimming in the deep end no problem.

::fingers crossed::

We are working on a summer manifesto, we have a few ideas, and working on filling a list. It's only the first week of summer vacation, but already it feels like it is flying by. With two trips planned, I just know we are going to end up back in school before we know it!

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