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By Holly - 7/22/2015 07:16:00 AM

Zoe celebrated her 7th birthday in June, but June is always so crazy for us, I didn't even get a chance to blog about it. I took this picture just shy of her 7th birthday and it was perfect for documenting all about her right now.

The journaling reads,

"1. She is always happy. Every day of Zoe's life is, "the best day ever!" she is so excited about life in general. The name Zoe means "life" so that is not surprising.

2. She loves learning. any zoo or museum is a dream land for Zoe. A library is a sanctuary. Factoids and diagrams are her love language.

3.She had the best manners. We get compliments constantly about how polite she is. She always remembers to say please and thank you.

4. She adores animals. She asks to pet every dog we see walking. Sometimes she wants to go to her friend's houses just to play with their pets.

5. She is part fish or mermaid, whichever term you prefer. She would live in the water if it was an option. We are going to start her on swim team in the fall.

6. She loves comic books. Ryan has a collections of old comic books and she started reading them. Now, they go to the comic book store together and pick out new ones to read.

7. She loves math. This I'm sure is a result of watching her daddy in school, doing so much math. But she actually enjoys math problems and work out equations with her dad."

Lists are always a great way to use up extra number stickers and to document a lot of facts without having a picture for each one.

All the supplies I used came from American Crafts Dear Lizzy Fine & Dandy collection. I got all my supplies from Cassie at Paper Issues. She almost always has coupon codes available (check their social media pages and blog) and her shipping is lightening fast!

I'm playing along with the Paper Issues linky party this week, you can find that post here.

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