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By Holly - 12/31/2015 05:39:00 PM

I'm about to get real, messy honest. Because guess what? Life is messy. My life is messy and as much as sometimes I wish it was Pinterest worthy all the time, that's not reality. 

At the beginning of the year, I set come creative goals. I started out 2015, battling depression as a result of dealing with infertility and I needed some plan to help me, help myself. Making has always been a really good way for me to manage my depression and anxiety symptoms, but when you suffer from depression, sometimes, you don't feel like doing anything. I had gotten to the point where I had lots of supplies but no desire to create anymore. 
After lots of crying and urging from my sweet husband, a few weeks into the year, I sought professional counseling. Working with the therapist and working on my own to heal, has proved to change everything for me. I'm starting to feel like myself again. Creating is no longer hard for me. I have ideas flowing constantly. Pictures don't make me sad anymore and I'm able to enjoy documenting my life. I'm tackling new projects and mediums, I wouldn't dare do before.
I spent 2/3 of this year completing taking online classes. (One more semester to go!) School is such a time suck, and even though it's online, I took some difficult classes that required more effort than I thought. This definitely didn't help contribute to making stuff, but did contribute to my mental health. It always feels good to accomplish something and see progression.
So back to the creative goals. Did I accomplish them all? Nope, but I am 100% okay with that. Mentally and emotionally, I am in such a better place and these goals helped me get there. 
Let's Review:

  • Complete 6 quilts - I completed 4 quilts for myself and 1 for Fort Worth Fabric Studio. 
  • I have one more quilt that just needs a binding......so this was *almost* completed. 

  • Sew 6 garments for Zoe - none.
  • Sew 6 garments for Myself - I made myself a top and a skirt. 
  • Both aren't a perfect fit, so they have only been a worn a couple times. 


  • Make 52 pages in 2015 - 7/52. I haven't even blogged all the pages that I created. 
  • I'm bummed that this number isn't high because I definitely have plenty of pictures to scrap.

  • Sort and Purge supplies - I did this! Twice! We moved right before Thankgiving into a house! 
  • This house just happens to have enough bedrooms that I get my very own office/craft room.
  •  But, upon moving, that meant I had to pare down my supplies.

  • Take a picture with my SLR every week - Fail. 
  • However, I pulled it out more than I did last year.
  • Find 3 new places to take pictures - I did this! I found an awesome painted red brick wall,
  •  a beautiful field of wildflowers by the lake and a golf course that is tucked away. 
2015 was far from perfect, but I'm headed back towards a person I recognize and it feels so much better. I have BIG plans for 2016, but I'll save those goals for another post!

Holly & Co.

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