Back to the Beach | Remembering the Moments

By Holly - 2/12/2016 07:52:00 PM

The weather this week has been reminiscent of our summer vacation and the day we spent at Carmel Beach. The part of the beach we were on had a big hill. We ate a lovely picnic at the top of the hill, then headed down for a dip in the ocean.

Reluctantly, I took my iPhone to get some quick pics of Zoe playing in the ocean. The last time I brought a camera to a beach, I ended up getting sand in the lens and ruined it, so I left my big camera at home. I spent 5 or 10 minutes taking her picture and then I put my phone down and we played in the ocean.

The water was cold but the delight on her face with every wave that came was worth it. Zoe couldn't remember the last time we were at the beach, so this trip was like the first time all over again.

I love Instagram for captioning these moments right as they happen. It's so helpful to be able to go back through my feed and read exactly what I wrote about that moment 6 months ago.

"This is what pure joy looks like - she didn't want to leave. We collected shells, built a sandcastle and watched it get destroyed. We shrieked as the waves hit us, both because it was fun and freezing cold. Our hair is messy and crisp from the salt water. Today was a good day."

I don't use any other memory keeping apps, but I've been hearing a lot about different ones, both video and journaling, that prompt you to share a bit each day of the year? Has anyone used these? I'm not sure if I could commit to every day, but maybe it would be nice to have on the days there is something I want to record.


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