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By Holly - 4/17/2016 08:17:00 AM

Seriously, what girl doesn't need a dinosaur dress? 

This whimsical creation came about because I needed to try out a pattern for Zoe's baptism dress. The pattern called for 2 yards of fabric. I started digging through my stash and found this fabric. I had planned on using it for some pajamas, but quickly changed my mind. 

Does the fabric match the feel of the pattern? Not really, but I think that's what I love about it.

It's long and flowy with puff sleeves. It is far from perfect but Zoe was so excited when I showed it to her. 

The pattern is from this book. It comes with a CD to print off all the patterns, which I love because I can use one pattern and make many different sizes. Zoe grows so fast that I buy digital patterns if possible, so I can use them more than once. The fabric is Dino Exhibit by Lizzy House for her Natural History collection. I purchased mine at Stash Fabrics. There are still a few yards in stock. 

I am extremely proud of the buttons. I have tried multiple times to make button holes on my machine and it never quite works out, but I managed to finally conquer that skill with this dress.

Ultimately, I figured out that the bodice and skirt will work for the baptism dress. I will be changing the sleeves and lowering the neckline a bit, but I'm glad to know that the overall dress will fit her. I didn't want to start cutting into my wedding dress without knowing if the final version would work.

Look for the final version in the coming weeks, cutting starts today!


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