Dust it off | Using Orphan Supplies

By Holly - 11/07/2016 02:38:00 PM

I've been scrapbooking on and off for well over half my life. Wow. That's a little crazy to type out. Well over those years I have collected supplies, which involve many fads. I've had some supplies so long they have gone it and then out of style, only to come back in trend again. 

I, like many, got heavily into wood veneer. I had many alphabets, tons of shapes and even phrases. I still like the look of the wood shapes. They are versatile and can be colored to suit any page. However, years of use have left me with random letters and shapes, that I struggle to use. So they sit in my Ikea Raskog cart and gather dust.

The inspiration for this page actually came from knocking over the container of these orphan pieces. I sighed deeply as I knelt down to clean them up. As I was looking at them scattered all over the floor, I thought they looked so cool just all random. I scooped them all up and go to work making this page.

Originally, I wanted to cover the entire page, but after just doing this section, I decided that would take way too long, so I opted for a column. I like the way it turned out. It adds lots of dimension to the page, while sticking with the topic. I used some coveted Studio Calico striped paper for the edges and some Christmas stamps from Elle's Studio. I got the ombre ink effect using two different colors of ink. Look for that tutorial coming soon.

While I was able to use these old supplies, I still have some leftover. I will either do something similar again, maybe soft by letter, or give them away. I recently did a major supply clean-up and found lots of orphan supplies that will be getting used up soon!

What do you do with random supplies? Do you try and use them or give them away?


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