Fields of Bluebonnets | Monochromatic

By Holly - 2/04/2017 11:36:00 AM

Have you seen the new Hazelwood line by 1Canoe2???

Butterflies, gingham, flowers....all the things I love! 

I'm so glad  I had the foresight to take pictures of Zoe in this field of bluebonnets. Last spring we didn't know we weren't going to spend another bluebonnet season in Texas. This field was about a minute away from where I worked and covered, I mean covered, in flowers. Zoe danced and twirled for several minutes among the tiny little buds, pure childhood joy!

This line is a knock-out for me. The page came together so quickly. The shades of blue and purple just make the most fantastic monochromatic look. Zoe loved the 3D butterflies. The trick to getting them to stick up like that is to bend them before you glue them down.


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