Mock Baby Legs & Pretty Pictures

By Holly - 10/14/2009 09:25:00 PM

I'm sure most of you have heard of "Baby legs" basically, cute leg warmers for babies. To purchase, they are anywhere from $6 -$12 a pair. Today I came across a tutorial on how to make your own, and I just had to try it. ( I got my knee socks at Target)
For all three pairs, including cutting, pinning and sewing, maybe an hour. Probably less if I wasn't entertaining Zoe while I was working. So you will most likely be seeing Zoe in lots of these from now on.

Yesterday we had a HUGE storm. It knocked down a bunch of trees near my office and took me forever to get home. But after the storm was the most beautiful sight,
I didn't edit these at all to enhance the color, it was really that bright.
We're getting closer to post 200 so stay tuned for that giveaway...lots of craftiness in the near future and I'm hoping to take some photos of Zoe with some fun vintage props.

Have a good night and enjoy some hot chocolate!
Holly & Co.

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