Pity Peas

By Holly - 10/08/2009 08:37:00 AM

Here's what Ms. Zoe has been up to recently
Zoe's 2 new words.
"Pity" meaning pretty. Anything colorful, floral, sparkling, or hair product classifies as pretty.
"Peas" meaning please. It's generally used when she wants her binky, and after she cries "Ink, Ink"
She is learning to jump. although she only has the stance down. She tries to jump but her feet don't lift off the ground. She still claps for herself though. A for effort.
Zoe loves putting on lotion and soap. In the tub, we give her a squirt of soap and she'll wash her tummy. And whenever she sees the lotion bottle she wants to put some on. She occasionally gets the 2 confused and will put lotion in her hair.
She loves to give Campbell treats and says "Good girl".
She knows the animal noises for "Dog, Cat, Cow, Bird, Monkey, Lion, Tiger, Bear". The Cat is her favorite.
(Morgan's & Baker's will appreciate this) Zoe reads "Caps for Sale" to herself and everytime she sees the pages with the monkeys on them, she says "No, No"
She loves to sing "Popcorn Popping" and will do the hand actions.
She still snuggles on occassion.
She still has baby chub.
She still loves Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse, Goofy is her favorite.
Her hair is more blond than brown.
Her giggle is infecious and we love it.

We're getting over some sickness in our house, so that's why the lack of blogging.
Also, we're at around 185 posts, so on post 200, we're going to have a GIVEAWAY. So stay tuned.

Holly & Co.

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