Christmas Recap

By Holly - 12/28/2009 02:18:00 PM

We've been so busy with family and getting back to our routine, I haven't had a chance to post about our Christmas this year.

Christmas eve, I had to work, so I didn't get home until the late afternoon. After I got home, we all got changed and headed over to the Humbert"s. We had homemade pizza for dinner, we each got to make our own. I went with my standard pepperoni and black olive :) We enjoyed spending time with Ryan's family that evening, Great Grandma Humbert was there too. Zoe always has a good time there. Grandma read her some Christmas stories even though she was a little distracted. When the evening was winding down, we took Zoe home and put her to bed in her cute Christmas jammies.
Then Ryan and I got to work. We filled stockings and pulled out all the remaining gifts. We cuddled up and watched a movie and headed to bed.
Christmas morning, 8 am. Zoe was still sleeping, and we had to get over to the in-laws by 9am. so we woke her up. She's a lot like her mama, and doesn't appreciate being woken up. She started crying and I had to carry her out to the family rooom to show her her presents.
She stopped crying as soon as she saw her tricycle. We had stacked up some of her other presents on the seat of the bike and she pushed them off so she could sit on it! I was so happy that she loved it! Now she sits on it and says, " Vroom, Vroom." She can barely reach the pedals but she loves to sit on it.
Then we headed over to the Humbert's again, in our pjs and enjoyed a yummy breakfast and lots of presents.
After that, Naps for all!!

It was a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of joy and cheer. We did take our Christmas tree down the day after Christmas, it was getting a little to crispy for my comfort. Since the tree was going down, all the rest of the decorations came down too. So we're ready for our fresh start in 2010.

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