December Daily: Dec. 23

By Holly - 12/23/2009 10:28:00 PM

{Cheese Fries}
To most of you I realize that a picture of cheese fries is *not* Christmas related, but let me explain why in this case it is.
Growing up in Denver, as a young teen, my mom would often drop me and my sister and/or friends off at the mall for the afternoon. The Southglenn Mall also had a little restaurant names All-Variety's Sandwiches. We used to call it All-V's. They had the best cheese fries. We got cheese fries almost every time we went, while we waited for my Mom to come pick us up.
So today when I was getting lunch, I noticed cheese fries on the menu and got some. { I haven't had these in like 8+ years}
I know it may sound corny, but as soon as I ate one, I was flooded with memories of spending my Christmas breaks at Southglenn Mall with my friends or sisters. Buying large amounts of cheap jewelry from Claire's, buying things from Abercrombie to feel cool, getting GIANT candy cane sticks from Walgreens that lasted weeks. So although, I won't be enjoying this tasty treat often {for obvious caloric reasons} it was wonderful to remember Denver, and the snow, and being 14, and really good Christmas memories.
Zoe still doesn't really get the Santa concept, but I am so excited for her to see her Santa present, I think it will be a big hit! I'm started to get that nervous Christmas Eve feeling already.
Holly & Co.
So to the untrained eye, cheese fries are nothing but junk food; but to me, they hold lots of good memories.

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