It only took two and a half years....

By Holly - 1/16/2010 08:17:00 PM

Thursday night, we FINALLY got to go out on a double date with the Stauffers. We have spent lots of fun days and nights with the Stauffer's over the years, but have never been able to get away just us adults. We went to celebrate Preston's birthday.
We had dinner at Mas (at our suggestion :) then, headed over to Sunsplash for laser tag & mini golf. I'm proud to say that I won laser tag! I beat both our video game husbands at a shooter game. Yeah, I was happy. I have the score cards to prove it. Jamie came in at a close second to me.
Mini golf was ended at around hole was cold and getting late and we'd already lost like 3 or 4 balls. I never even asked Jamie who won..who won Jamie?

Today we decided to venture to Trader Joe's for the first time. It was packed in there, but we did come away with a few gems. Cold pressed olive oil, cinnamon letter cookies, mango lemonade, and prosciutto with pesto ravioli...yum. So tonight we're enjoying some milk & cookies while watching Monsters, INC. Zoe took a 4+ hour nap today so she'll be up for awhile.

I'm proud to report that I finished my bedroom makeover and Ryan loved it! I'll take some pictures tomorrow. I also reorganized Zoe's room and packed away all her baby clothes that have been piling up in the closet.
It seems like lately it's hitting me how fast she's growing up. I love the stage she's in, but I do miss those newborn moments. seeing those little sleepers made my heart ache a little. But then I remember the funny things she does now. How she dances whenever there's music. How she likes to come "tickle" me. How she says sorry. How she splashes in the tub and makes bubble beards. She definitely belongs in our family.

In family news, well you should probably check Natalie's blog in the near future.

Holly & Co.

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