little sayings

By Holly - 1/19/2010 09:43:00 AM

This morning as Zoe ran up to Ryan and proudly stated "Good Morning," clear as a bell.

This weekend, Zoe was singing/mumbling, which is normal, but then we realized, she was singing the ABC song. She only sings A-G, then skips H-P, Q-T, then ends with "Double" W is her favorite and she just ends right there.

Whenever she bumps into something, she says," Oh, sorry." Whether is be me, or the door or her toy's quite funny watching her apologize to her door.

Watching her grow is so bittersweet. She's getting taller and less baby like every day. I'm just dreading the day when she won't let me cuddle anymore.

Ok, enough sappyness for today.

Holly & Co.

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