Lady Luck

By Holly - 3/17/2010 08:15:00 AM

With it being St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd write about my lady luck.

When I was 13, our local Albertson's was having a drawing for a stand-up freezer. Anyone over 10 (I think) could entire. My dad had my sisters and I all write our names down and enter the drawing, he told us if we won, he'd give us $10 for the freezer. We all agreed. I won. I got my $10 and my parents for a freezer, and I reminded my parents quite often, that I won them that freezer and all I got was $10.

I was really into beanie babies when I was a pre-teen. I mean REALLY into them. I used to babysit and accept payment in beanie babies. I'm really not joking. I entered a drawing at the beanie baby stand in the mall, to be one of 12 people who got to purchase the Princess Diana beanie baby for $20. I won and even bought a case for the beanie baby, thinking it would be worth thousands someday. A lady at my Dad's office offered to buy for $200 and I turned it down. Yeah, I was stupid. I think my mom still has it somewhere, still in the case.

In the summer of 2004, I was lucky enough to catch the eye of a cute cashier at the Chipotle, that was near the scrapbook store I worked at. I rarely paid for my burrito and always got a free drink.

Then just a couple years ago, Ryan and I were heading home from the movies, and we stopped at Beverly's crafts. We entered a drawing for a $50 giftcard and we/he/me won.

In November, I entered a contest for some scrapbooking stuff...and I'm a winner.

Just a couple of months ago, I won a pattern for an apron giveaway. Although, I have yet to use it.

But poor Zoe, I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's Day while we were getting ready this morning and sent her dressed in yellow. I better make sure each of my children has a green shirt to wear every year for St. Patrick's Day from now on.

Holly & Co.

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