ten on tuesday

By Holly - 5/25/2010 06:35:00 PM

1. The rain makes me happy. It was raining when I left work today. It made me lots of happy. For most people, rain is depressing. I love it!

2. Zoe is deathly afraid of windshield wipers. Because of this, she screamed all the way home. To get her to stop screaming, I promised her she could play in the puddles.

3. I love snuggling. I found this picture on my camera from days ago.

4. I'm totally craving chili and cornbread right now. It's May 25th. yeah, weird.

5. 6 years ago today, I graduated high school.
thanks for the photo, Heather

6. I'm really, really excited for Studio Calico's new scrapbooking line, Documentary. I love the scooters.

7.  We're going to start serious potty training this weekend. We've had some success already this week.

8.  Of all the movies Zoe owns, Finding Nemo gets on my nerves the most. I think it's Marlin, the helicopter parent, that makes it so bad. I can only handle this one in rotation like once every couple weeks. I would much rather watch Dora the Explorer for 2 hours. 

9. Zoe's new phrase is, "So Cute!" Whenever she gets dressed, puts on shoes, gets her hair done...it's hysterical. I love it.

10. I love that Zoe got my cheeks.
have a wonderful evening.

Holly & Co.

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