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By Holly - 9/28/2010 06:47:00 PM

Pardon the blog changes again, it's a process, I like to change it up.

Let me know what you think, I went back to 3 columns again. I just can't stay away.

Moving remember THIS POST where I wrote a birthday letter to Zoe 
and made an 8x8 page to put it in...Well I  ended up not liking the page I made.
 It just felt too blah.

Lucky for me when I was cleaning out my scrapping supplies, 
I discovered an envelope mini album that was perfect for this. 
Here's the made-over version.

I'll be continuing to use this as a way to save a letter each year for Zoe, and then giving it to her on her 12th birthday (there's just enough pockets!) For year one, I'm going to add some handwritten notes from when she was inside me, as well as notes from throughout her first year, since I didn't start this tradition until her second birthday. Here's a peek at the insides of the first few.

They aren't done yet, because I'm waiting for this stamp set to finish them. 
 I'm excited to keep this in her room and add to it every year. 

It's off to bathtime for Zoe and I'm needed to supervise :)

Have a great day!

Holly & Co.

PS. Happy Birthday to this girl yesterday! Love you Nat!

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