Saturday with the Stauffers

By Holly - 9/11/2010 06:55:00 PM

Ok we'll start off with my favorite picture from today. Can't you just feel that little kid happiness? 

Living above our best friends, means we see them a lot. We borrow ingredients for things we're making, we drop of our kids for 15 minutes when we need to run to the store, mailbox, or just catch a breath. It's been so wonderful having the Stauffer's so close to us. But even though we see each other a lot, we don't always get to go out and do things together. We made special plans this weekend to spend some time together.

Our first stop was Bounce-O-Palace in Folsom. We got there right when it opened and for an hour we were the only ones there. The kids had a blast. I would definitely recommend to any family with kids. You only have to pay for the kids, adults get in free! I'll be the first to admit, I climbed right in to play too!

 Ryan got in on the fun too. He took the kids into one of the bounce houses and wrestled around with them and played basketball. There was a foam hoop in the bounce house.

Here's Noah. This was a little maze they had for the babies. Right behind him, you can see a little plexiglass house that they could climb through. He and Zoe climbed in there together. It was a tight fit.

We stayed for just over an hour, and we were beat. It got really hot in there running around and all the blower machines going as well. Next time I think I'll wear some yoga capris, it was too hot for jeans. I'd probably pack a lunch for the kids too. They have an area with tables for birthday parties, but if there aren't any parties going on, you could just sit there and eat lunch.

For lunch we headed to the famous Squeeze Inn, in Sacramento. The original Squeeze Inn was featured on Food Network's, "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives." They have since, opened up a few other locations and had to move from the original building because of a lawsuit (it was eventually dropped). 
This location has a bit more room, but not much. We sat outside to accommodate our large group
 There was a line out the door, because unfortunately our timing made our arrival right around noon.
 But our was probably only 20 minutes, and we were entertained by the train that came by.

We all ordered their signature burger, the Squeeze with Cheese. 
That large bubbly square protruding from my burger is called a cheese skirt.
 It's bubbly on top and crispy on the bottom. 
You can read more about it on their website here.
Now to answer the question that everyone's thinking...was it worth the wait?

My Verdict: It's a good burger. I've had better, but for what it is, it was worth it.
 I would definitely bring someone who was visiting here, simply for the experience. 

Ryan's Verdict: Willy's is better. The focus of a burger should be on the meat,
 their's was on the cheese, but that's their thing. 

Thanks Stauffers for a great Saturday. 

Holly & Co.

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