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By Holly - 11/15/2010 11:59:00 AM

You can see the full announcement here.

I'm so excited to finally announce that I'm part of the new Polka Dot Whimsy Design Team! I applied on a whim after drooling over the kits, and lo and behold, a dream came true!

It's weird seeing Idaho next to my name. Just a few more weeks and that will be home. Zoe is really excited about Idaho, at least she talks like she is. She loves telling people," I'm moving to Idaho, they have snowmen." I keep mentioning snow to her, as a reminder to myself that I need to get her some warmer clothes, the warmest thing she has right now is a cardigan. I'm excited to hopefully have snow this Christmas. I really miss that fluffy white stuff. (Although, my opinion might change considering we're moving in the middle of December.)

Funny Zoe story to share: Several weeks back, the kids were playing at daycare and the teacher's daughter got stung by a bee. Zoe cannot get rid of this vision of being stung by a bee. When we put her to sleep, and she wants to get up, she screams and cries, " The bee is getting me!", among other things. I have to reassure her, there is no bee in her room and turn on all the lights to show her before she'll go back to bed.

Well on Saturday we went to Target just Zoe and me. We were nearing the end of our shopping trip and out of no where, Zoe screams bloody murder. She's screaming and crying and flailing around. I have no idea what's wrong, I check the seat belt to see if it pinched her, I make sure there's no blood anywhere, etc etc. Finally, after the whole store is alerted by the shrieks, I get her to calm down and sure enough, "The bee got me." Yep, that imaginary bee must be stalking her. ( I think this one is going in the scrapbook, although it will have to be a pictureless page...hmmm...I think I'm up for the challenge.)

{Mom's Sugar Cookies}

Hoping to do some baking tonight for FHE. I've been craving sugar cutout cookies that my mom makes. I really just like the dough, but the cookies are good too. Although I think my cookie cutters may be packed up and sitting in my parents garage :( Maybe I can convince Ryan he wants to make the dough this afternoon, so it's all ready when we get home.

Hope you're have a good Monday.
 I'll be sharing some cards this week and hopefully pictures of a new niece.

Holly & Co.

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