Funny Moments

By Holly - 6/22/2011 09:24:00 AM

I have a few funny moments from this past week to share.

Saturday - I was getting Zoe out of the tub and getting her dressed, and she smiles and says," I like your boobs."

Sunday - (backstory, my pinky toenail is really small, so I don't paint it.) Zoe is looking at my feet and says," Mom, your toenail is missing, where is it?" I told her to go look for it. Well look for it she did, and she happened to find a toenail clipping from who knows when or who, and puts in on my foot, exclaiming, "Look Mom! I found your toenail!

Monday - My little brother has friends over a lot, and most of the time, they come in and disappear. Well they were all in the kitchen snacking, when Zoe woke up from her nap, and she comes into the kitchen, and days, " Mom, who are all these people?" (I about died laughing) I then responded, "They are uncle Ben's friends." Then she went up to each one, and asked their name. (I'm sure they felt very awkward)

Tuesday - I've been doing some cleaning for my dad this week, and I locked not one, but 2 sets of keys in the same closet. Thank goodness I didn't lock my phone in there, otherwise I would have had to walk to the creepy gas station with bars on the windows and ask to use the phone  to call my dad for help :::Shudder:::

Not much new going on around here, just having a nice summer.

Holly & Co.

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