By Holly - 6/28/2011 09:12:00 AM

The other day, when I was loading my car up at the grocery store, a man walked by and said, "My, You're in a good mood." I responded, " Why would you say that?" He replied," You were singing."

After that remark, I smiled and I said, "Yeah, I guess I am in a good mood," I actually hadn't even noticed I was singing. I was singing a song that Zoe had been singing earlier in the day. Funny how your kids can stay with you, even when you're not with them.

While Zoe is 3 and that age poses a lot of attitude and correction, She is a ray of sunshine. She is smiley, happy and fun to be around. I try to remember that, when she in the middle of a tantrum or won't go to bed.

Last night we went up to American Fork canyon to have a cook-out. My sister and her family are in town, so we're back all together again.
We cooked brats and hotdogs.

Spent lots of time talking around the fire.

 and enjoyed yummy s'mores :)

We're all suffering from allergies and over-tiredness today, so I think we'll just be hanging around home.

Holly & Co.

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