By Holly - 1/16/2012 09:08:00 PM

Goodness, I have been tired today.
I'm not quite sure what the problem is, but I fell asleep at 6pm.
Thankfully, I grabbed some herbal tea, apples and peanut butter and I'm a little more awake. But I have a feeling I will be hitting the hay a little early tonight.

I'm sad to say that we didn't play laser tag on Saturday, so I didn't get to defend my title. The boys were being lame and wanted to go home and play video games. ::Lame::

Today, I went by our thrift store and picked up a few things. A scarf for Zoe for a winter photoshoot, a house shaped shadow box for an upcoming project and a wooden plaque, that is currently drying with chalkboard paint on it.
Our thrift store isn't huge, but it seems every time I go I find some little treasure, and this trip I only spent $2.75 :)

A few days ago, Ryan bought this book. Tonight, Ryan made a sauce from the book and it was amazing. It would taste good on anything, but we had it with tacos.

One more layout share, This is Aly's husband Ryan, who introduced me and my husband. When I met him we called him by his last name, "Willis," although it wasn't until we had been friends for about a year, I learned his real name was Ryan too. 

(I asked Aly to send me some things she loves about Willis, so the journaling is from her:)

Holly & Co.

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