By Holly - 1/21/2012 09:47:00 PM

Due to some unforseen circumstances, my office/scrap room is out of commission, as is my regular computer, so today I am blogging to you from my laptop.

I'm not shy about my love for Pinterest and how it has completely changed the way I cook. Every recipe I have made off there is good, and most of the recipes I've made more than once.

I definitely cook more now, and I cook better tasting and better quality meals (and dessserts!)

My mom is a big fan of Sandra Lee and her Semi-Homemade recipes. I, having been a working mother for the past almost 4 years, am a big fan of quick and easy.

I thought I would share a few of my cooking shortcuts, which enable me to still make yummy meals, but save on the work.

1. Bread maker. I got a breadmaker as a wedding gift and while I've never actually cooked a loaf of bread in it, I use it all the time. I just the the dough setting, dump in all the ingredients, and it does the mixing and rising for me. (that's one of the best features, it heats up the dough to make it rise) And who doesn't love fresh baked bread?

2. Frozen foods. I know this might seem a little obvious, but frozen veggies and meats make putting a meal together really easy. Take tonight for example... I threw some lightly breaded organic chicken nuggets in the oven, steamed some stir fry veggies in the microwave, and made minute rice on the stove. I added a little seasame ginger sauce on the chicken and voila, we had chicken stir fry in under 10 minutes.  I usually buy mine prepacked,  but you could easily buy or grow fresh and freeze on your own

3. Stacking. This involves a little bit of planning, but well worth the effort. If I have dishes throughout the week that include some of the same ingredients, like chopped onions or cooked chicken, I just double the amount and chop it all at once, or cook it all at once.

I hope these tips help you out a little bit, and if you are looking for new recipes, head on over to my Pinterest page, and look on my "Yummy" Board.Link is over here------------------------------>

Holly & CO.

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