Getting Ready

By Holly - 8/26/2013 06:59:00 PM

This weekend, Zoe and I (with a LOT of help from my parents and several helpful men from church) moved back to Rexburg. Ryan stayed down in Utah, flat on his back awaiting his surgery.

Yep - he's having surgery too. Great timing, huh?

We finally got internet today, 3 long days without it, and while I'm still recovering from my surgery and unable to move a lot, I'm unpacking and getting my house as ready as I can.

Zoe starts school in two days and I'm so excited for her.

I'm also terribly sad because I will miss her first day. I will miss her first week. I will be in Utah staying with Ryan through his surgery and recovery, and my mom will be here, taking care of my sweet little girl. I've never had to choose between my husband and child in this way before. I'm physically unable to be in both places, which breaks my heart. I am, however, very grateful I have family close enough to help like this.

We've been so fortunate to live (relatively) close to either my parents or Ryan's, our entire marriage. What am I going to do in a year when we move away? We have no real idea where we will be headed after graduation, but I think after years of being students, we are ready for an adventure.

I'm not doing a lot of anything lately. Mostly getting ready.
Getting ready to spend one more year in Rexburg (I'm already appreciating the cooler weather).
Getting ready to help Ryan prepare for interviews, applying for jobs, and graduating.
Getting ready to embrace some lifestyle changes.
Getting ready to try again for a baby.

I'm in prep mode right now. Which involves many to do lists and carrying my planner 24/7. The Back to School vibe is in the air, which ignites the planner in me. I'm anxious to get things back to normal and back in order.

Holly & CO.

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