By Holly - 9/10/2013 12:26:00 PM

Whew...we are finally off the crazy train around here and are settling back into quiet, normal life.

Really, there is nothing quite like a quiet, normal life as I've come to appreciate the little things in my life that help me feel normal.

Ryan is recovering from surgery well and even got his stitches out. You wouldn't even know he had surgery two weeks ago looking at him now.

Zoe is loving school. I'm sad I missed her first day, but she had a great time with my mom here, and I have pictures, which satisfies me for now. I needed to be with Ryan. I really hope I don't have to make that choice between the two of them again, it was really hard.

I was able to be here for her first soccer game though. Their league is great, all the kids get to play, and it's low pressure (which is great since Zoe has never played on a team before)

They are the Purple Monsters, which Zoe prides herself in helping come up with the name. I think they were going for a purple people eaters thing... She's on the team with her friend, Sarah, they are the only girls on the team.

She did pretty good for her first game, although towards the end, she got elbowed in the face and ran off the field crying, and then she said through the tears," Mom, soccer is just SO hard." She sat the rest of the game out, but perked right back up when they handed out snacks, including "Lightening juice" aka Gatorade.

I'm grateful that our family is healthy and all together once more. There really isn't anything quite like the feeling of "home" and we've really embraced that this last week.

And to top it favorite season is on it's way, we got a little taste with some crazy thunderstorms this last week. Hoping for the continued drop in temperatures!

Holly & Co.

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