One Little Word 2014

By Holly - 12/31/2013 08:51:00 AM

2014 is going to be the year of adventure!

Ryan has accepted a position with a great company in Ft. Worth, Texas and we will be moving at the end of July, just after graduation. 

We are moving over 1,000 miles away from our families, but we are ready to start this new chapter in our lives. One major perk of living in the mid/southwest, is that we are a lot closer to more states, states we've never been too. I'm excited to take some weekend trips visiting brand new places and making some awesome memories.

This year will bring another move for our family (I think that brings us close to 8), new schools, new jobs, new routine, new people, new places and new home. I've already started a Pinterest board for decorating our new space. It will take months, if not years to get it all decorated, but I figure if I have a plan, it will come together more quickly.

We still have 7 months of school, work and planning to get through, but I'm sure the time will fly and before we know it, we will be saying good-bye to Idaho.

I chose adventure as my word to help remind me that all these changes are positive things. Rather than be nervous or worried ( which let's face it, I already kind of am) I want to enjoy the new things coming for us. I want to get out more. I want to make the most of where we live, and spend time exploring and finding "our" new places. 

What's your One Little Word?

Holly & Co.

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