Growing Older

By Holly - 3/26/2014 03:54:00 PM

Last weekend, Zoe and I took a quick trip out to Utah. We hit like 4 birds with one stone and were able to see lots of friends and family in the span of just a few days. 

One of the highlights of the trip was getting to celebrate my Grandma's 88th birthday!
I'm so glad we've been close the last few years, and Zoe has been able to get to know her great-grandparents, that is a privilege denied to so many. 

As if Zoe didn't already look like she was getting older, here is the proof. She looks WAY older than almost 6 to me. I catch glimpses of how she might look in another six or ten years, and it both makes me smile and want to cry.

She's lost two teeth already (although the new ones have quickly grown in, so she didn't have much of a chance to be toothless) and she's reading like a champ. This age definitely has it's perks.
I finally got a chance to do some scrapbooking. With school and work, my scrapbooking has taken a back seat, but when I do have a few minutes to create, I'm loving that I have these fun milestones to document.

We are getting excited for the summer.
Yesterday it was almost 70°, and we spent hours outside at the park. However, it's supposed to snow tomorrow so our mini heat wave was short lived. Still....we have stocked up on shorts and bathing suits, just waiting to break them out when the time is right.

Finals are coming up soon, and life seems to be bursting at the seams with things on the to-do list, but we are trying to hold it all together for the last 18 weeks of student life!

Holly &Co.

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