It's too early (long post)

By Holly - 2/02/2008 05:45:00 AM

Well it's 4:30 on a Saturday morning and I'm awake. Baby is awake too. I don't know if it was the fact that I went to bed at 8:50 last night or the constant thoughts of things I need to do, that are keeping me awake.
They say that most women have trouble sleeping when they are pregnant, that doesn't surprise me. I can hardly roll over without waking Ryan up. I feel like I need the back up beepers and lights that large trucks have, just to move my massive body, so no one gets hurt. It's amazing how, although I have not gained a lot of weight, I feel like the size of my body has doubled. My balance caved in this week. I leaned down to pet the dog and feel right over onto the floor. Poor Ryan had to come help me up.
Ryan has been a real trooper. I'm sure everytime he comes home, he's not sure what type of wife he will be getting when he opens the door. Half the time when he gets home, I'm already here crying over something ridiculous, I'm sure he's wanted to admit me on several occasions. But he's a good husband and puts his arm around me and assures me that everything will be ok. (That's usually what I need to here, it's just not as convincing coming from myself to myself.)
We are planning on putting up the crib today, which we have been planning to do for sometime now, but other things seem to come up. I have cleaned out the nursery enough that we have room to put up the crib now. I've also been making some decorations for the baby's room, as we cannot paint or put up wall paper. We've (I've) decided on an alphabet type nursery theme. Here is the link.

I've made small canvas' with letters on each one, to use as a border. I only have 8 right now because that's all they had in stock at the craft store.

I'm one of those people who keeps stupid little things, like movie ticket stubs or wristbands from concerts. So to keep all the baby's little stuff, like first haircut, hospital wristbands, etc, I made this box.
As you can probably tell, I'm really into my nesting phase right now. I have creative projects flowing through my head constantly. I'm hoping to have a chance to get a lot of them done before little baby jane gets here (no that's not her name, I just want to call her something other than her.) For those of you that I told about my awesome $96.00 in savings this week, here is that project in the works.

I have a Dr's appointment this Wednesday. I'm hoping they will move my due date up, since at the hospital they said I was measuring large. I'm thinking I might have to do my glucose test this time around, and I'm really not looking forward to that.

I will post pictures of the nursery if we actually start putting it together today. If not, I'll post them when we get it up. Have a wonderful weekend.

Holly & Baby

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