This one's for the girls

By Holly - 2/08/2008 07:29:00 AM

This post is for anyone who has been pregnant, who is currently pregnant or who is going to get pregnant.

My sister wrote a sonnet for being pregnant, here it is.
No nausea, or hemorrhoids just yet

No fainting spells or vomiting for me
But slight things make me easily upset
and every half an hour I have to pee.
I spied my belly poking out today
and though I knew it'd come, I must confess
it made me (in a limelit sort of way)
be glad, yet wish I'd worn a different dress.
And though at night my hips will alternate
their numbness with my hourly bathroom breaks,
and though I'm not as spunky with my mate,
nor keen on smells, fatigue, or thirst or aches,
I oft look down and give a smile of pride
and marvel at the miracle inside.

Also, I got tired of not being able to buy cute clothes a few weeks ago and to make myself feel better, I created a "Things I'm going to wear when I'm not pregnant" book. I took pictures from the internet and magazines, oh the things I will be wearing after this pregnancy. I did this for two reasons, one, I want to make sure I don't loose all sense of self and fashion, and two, as an inspiration to myself to loose the baby weight soon after. (at the request of my sister, here are some picture of that book)

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