A few more...

By Holly - 3/15/2011 10:03:00 AM

 Actually got in some more scrapping...

This one has a back story.
Ryan and I both like having noise on in the background. Which is why our Netflix subscription has more than paid for itself. Generally, Ryan starts watching a series and then he gets me hooked on it.
Our new favorite is, "My name is Earl."
And if you don't watch this show you won't understand the joke,
But this is how Earl looks in every picture he takes,
which is why Ryan lovingly dubbed this face, 
"The Earl Face."

My little sis is coming to visit this weekend and I'm super excited!
She's gonna let me take her picture by the blue brick wall that I adore,
and we're going to eat cupcakes.
Sounds like a perfect weekend to me :)

Holly & Co.

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