I love this girl!

By Holly - 4/06/2011 09:07:00 AM

When I saw this photo I laughed for a long time...Aly can witness.
This is just typical Zoe, always keeps up laughing.

Yesterday I had a tough day. I didn't feel well, on top of the stress of getting things ready, etc, it was just a tough day.
And out of frustration, I snapped at Zoe, and made her cry.
I felt to terrible. She wasn't doing anything wrong, she was just trying to play and I was trying to work on things, and she got in my way.
Ryan took her to McDonald's and let me get some stuff done and have some alone time.

When they came back, we got her ready for bed, and as I was about to tuck her in, she asked me to sing to her in the rocking chair.

As we sat down in the chair, I looked at her and apologized for yelling at her.
 I started to tear up and she took my face in her hands, and she said,
"It's OK mommy, please don't cry, it's OK."

I asked her to forgive me and then she said,"
"Yes, I do mommy, let's be a happy girl!"

Then I asked is she was still my friend and she said,
"Yes Mommy, You are my friend forever."

I love the capacity of little children to teach us.
After I put her to bed, I said a silent prayer of repentance for my actions and gratitude, for this special little girl who came into our family. Who keeps us laughing, reminds us to love unconditionally and forgive openly.

I challenge you today, to make time to say "thank you" and "I love you" to those around you.

{Photos all by Aly Willis, Although I took creative liberties in LR 3 with the editing}

Holly & Co.

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