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By Holly - 4/13/2011 06:49:00 PM

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Ryan and Zoe have been spending lots of time together since he's on break in between semesters.
Today, Zoe was trying everything should could think of to get Ryan to wear her crown. She pointed out that it was sparkley, and pink and even beautiful.....she has the promise of a good saleswoman. :)

These two spent lots of time just hanging out in that chair today.
Snacking on cereal, singing the Peanut Butter & Jelly song, and snuggling.

I really love these two. They are my world.

I can't wait until we add more to our Team Humbert someday. (That's what I refer to our trifecta as...)

I love our inside jokes and our one line quotes that stem from Zoe phrases, like " Two-five minutes."

I love the mix of personalities we have.

I love the awkwardly long kisses we all give each other, just to be silly.

I love that after Ryan's toughest semester so far, we are all still smiling  and laughing :)

Holly & Co.

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