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By Holly - 7/24/2011 03:31:00 PM

Last week, I mention my new fave place to waste time, Pinterest.

We'll I'm happy to report, I've actually put some of those things I discovered on there to good use.

I was inspired by these two prints to make the project below.

It was a fun project for Zoe and I to work on before church this morning. I am not really an artist, and I free handed the writing and tree trunk. It's not terrible, but I would have preferred to print the text, and stamped the trunk. That's probably what I'll do next time.

We used Jenni Bowlin Seed Packet green ink for the fingerprints (yes, my fingers are still green)

 I started out with a 12x12 sheet and cut it down to 8.5x11 after we were finished making the leaves.
Then I sketched the text with a pencil, filled it in with a black fine tip pen.
I followed that up with sketching the trunk in pencil, then used a brown fine tip pen to go over it.
I cut out a heart with my craft knife and added the red paper underneath.

It would be fun to make a really big one with my entire family listed on it. I'm thinking this will be a first draft, so you might see this project come up again.

We also made these pretzel /kiss/M&M treats, I'm just going to call them chocolate buttons.

The only change I made, was we used circle pretzels, that I guess are butter flavored, because the package says "Butter." Here, there is what they look like.

They tasted very yummy. We will be making these again. They were half gone by the time I got up this morning. 

Have you made anything from pinterest? Link me up!

Holly & Co.

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