Switching Gears

By Holly - 7/29/2011 10:57:00 AM

Since my sewing machine came back to life, I've been using it probably more than I should, but I REALLY missed it! I also brought back my box of fabric.

I found a cute children's apron on Pinterest and wanted to make an adult version.


I did some google searching for an adult ruffle apron and found this blog post.
I used this as a guide, but I'm not a very precise sewer, so my measurements are probably off a little here and there.

Here is my final result.

I used the self timer, which getting the exact shot you want, makes exponentially more difficult, but hopefully you get the idea. :) I adore this apron, but it will be leaving my house soon. I made it as a gift for my little sister, who just started her very own cooking blog. I helped her with the design of it and you'll see some of my photography pop up here and there.
Definitely go check it out!

 Just a Pinch of Ginger

Oh and by the way, that Oreo cake she made was AMAZING, some of the best frosting I've ever had!

Holly & Co.

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