Best Buds

By Holly - 8/06/2011 03:43:00 PM

There are few things better in life than seeing old friends. Truly, I love it!
Yesterday we reunited after 8 long months with the best next door neighbors ever!

The Stauffers were in town for a family wedding, and thank goodness they had a few hours to spare with us.
The kids had such a great time together. Alone there was an incident with a tooth, but overall it was a great time.

We took the boys to our splash park and a good time was had by all. Jamie is an awesome burrito wrapper, so I took advantage of their lack of motion to try and snap a group picture. These are my attempts.

Ryan made his 'famous' tacos and guacamole for dinner and we tried a new recipe for dessert, Coca-Cola Cake..........YUM! Absolutely delicious. HERE is the recipe.

Thankfully we are going to get to see all these visitors again shortly when we take our trip out to California, we avoided tearful goodbyes this time.

Holly & Co.

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