Honey Bun

By Holly - 8/14/2011 09:01:00 PM

I'm so excited about this page.
I went to Archiver's on Friday and picked up some new Amy Tan stuff.
I adore these thickers, and I got to use my bee stamp from my March Studio Calico kit!
I was so excited to have a legitimate reason to use the stamp!

These pictures were from the first time Zoe tasted honey sticks at the Highland Fling. We had so much fun tasting the interesting flavors.  Pink Lemonade was the weirdest flavor we tried, but they had all sorts of flavors at the booth; black licorice included.

I can't believe August is half over already, it's gonna be time to start shopping for school supplies soon. I have always enjoyed that ritual every September. Zoe will hopefully be starting preschool and ballet in the next few weeks. I'm excited for her to be back around kids during the day. I pretty sure she's entirely bored with us and ready for some peer interaction on a daily basis. I'm just excited for the photographic opportunities.

Holly & Co.

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